Plushkin: sharing economy in action


With Plushkin anyone can exchange staff or services for other staff or services without expending any money.

Greencubator: energy democracy


Network for green activists which spreads the word about alternative energy.

EuroMaydanSOS: energy in civil society

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A group of professionals and activist providing operative a legal assistance to Euromaydan victims.

Heavenly Hundred Garden


A project dedicated to forming of civil society in Ukraine by means of development of culture and public spaces.

Bohdan Hawrylyshyn: Paradigm change


Doc. Bohdan Hawralisin, 6 honorary doctorates from Canadian and Ukrainian Universities, Gold medal from the President of Italian Republic and founder of the Club of Rome among many other merits.

Reanimation Package of Reforms: Direct democracy


Uniting the major Ukrainian NGOs under the same umbrella, RPR lobbies to transmit the will of the people to the government and parliament.

Murahy: The first charitable trading platform!


An online platform where everybody can donate anything to different charity organizations by selling no longer needed staff.

Dyvovyzhni: Activating social responsability


Through urban interventions, they activate local communities´ social responsibility .

OPIRG: Monitoring elections


Monitor elections with Opir app by getting evidences of cheating or manipulation.

IT Toloka: IT collaboration with NGOs


Online platform for NGOs to ask IT professionals for help in their online presence.