Oksana Udovyk - Director

Oksana Udovyk  is a postdoctoral fellow at the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta. She received her BA in environmental sciences at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy National University of Ukraine, her MA in sustainable development at Linkoping University, Sweden, and her PhD in environmental governance from Sodertorn University, Sweden (2014). She is currently involved in research on the Global Post-2015 UN agenda and grassroots innovations for sustainability in Ukraine and Canada. She has worked with sustainability and international relations issues in academia and with NGOs, international organizations, and companies in Ukraine, Thailand, Italy, Sweden, Portugal, China, Greece, Spain, and Canada.

Adrian Bilbao - Producer

Adrián Bilbao is a social worker graduated from the University of Deusto in Spain. After years working with the unprivileged and minors at severe risk of social exclusion, he started working in London (UK) in national-scale labour insertion project management and design. Keeping his path in the project management field with different NGOs from Colombia, Spain, and the UK, he is currently involved in sustainability projects and innovation for education.

Martyn Stusiak, Khrystyna Bobylyak, Jasmine Farahbakhsh, Anastasiya Khoma, Viktoriia Zhbankova, Morgan Butler, Juan David Abella Osorio, Steven Brese

Stasia Moskalevska: Procurement Specialist

Stasia Moskalevska: Procurement Specialist

Stasia has an extensive procurement experience (as well as operational and administrative). During her tenure with Raytheon she has developed and issued Requests for Quotations/Proposals in accordance with company policies and procedures; analysed supplier quotations; negotiated subcontract terms and conditions with Ukrainian and US subcontractors; issued and administered subcontracts; ensured compliance of procurement activities with FAR and USG contract flow down requirements; conducted post-award subcontract management and closeout; prepared SCM related reports as required, as well as supported operations, logistics and administrative management activities.

Tolya Riabukha

Tolya Riabukha: Camera operator Tolya has a Master in Engineering and got his Bachelor in Organizational Management in the National University of Food Technologies of Kyiv (Ukraine), but mainly works in media, entertainment and 3d printing, field where he is part of a start-up. Now he is also involved in creating a tech/cultural cluster in Kyiv.